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Over the years, some 37 individuals have served this club as Commodore; all of them have helped to build the strong organization that FHYC is today.  I am honored, privileged, and humbled to be serving as your 38th Commodore, and pledge to continue the tradition of dedicated service to the club and its members.  

Some of you may know that I’m a retired airline pilot.  In my passenger address announcement before departing the gate, I typically made mention of the fact that safety on board was a joint responsibility between crewmembers and passengers, as the passenger has to assume an active role in his or her own safety.  The parallel in this case is that the success of our club is also a joint responsibility between the Bridge, Board, and you, the club member.  

To those of you who have given so much of your time and talent, on behalf of all of us I say “thank you!” To those of you who have aged out of boating but remain members, I say “please stay and enjoy our hospitality and friendship while sharing your knowledge and experience.“  To those of you who may have stayed in the background or on the sidelines, I say “Please step forward”; find a committee that interests you, and become engaged!  With 19 active and engaging committees, there’s something for all interests and activity levels. Don’t be afraid to stick your toes in and test the waters!  The reward for your effort can clearly been seen in the face of your fellow club members as they enjoy the many interesting, entertaining, and educational opportunities that our committees provide!  As the club slogan says, 


Dave Phipps

2023 Commodore

Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club

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Off the water

 Over 40 people enjoyed dinner at Saltwater Grill, River Bend recently!

For those of you who joined FHYC since 2019: we held then Wednesday dinners during months that FHYC doesn’t already have a planned dinner event (months other than March Commodores’ ball; October fall appreciation dinner; December holiday party).

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