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Quarantini Time


Once again, join us to celebrate quarantini’s on Saturday 6th June at 1700 (5pm). Please salute your neighbors at a distance from your dock, deck, yard or boat.

Quarantini Cocktail this week:

Time to feature a Quarantini cocktail for all of our beer enthusiasts, or as they are called in England, Ale Carts. These terms best describe those who not only drink beer, but enjoy it in all its diversity.

Beer is without question the greatest invention in the history of mankind. I grant you, the wheel was clever, but does not go nearly as well with pizza!!!

So on Saturday, let’s all become beer enthusiasts, grab a pint, raise it high and toast our friends and neighbors.


Gather all ingredients, Bass Ale and Guinness
Fill a pint glass halfway with pale ale
Float Guinness on top by slowly pouring it over the back of a spoon
Always serve straight up, neat, no ice


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June 18 - 20
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Father's Day Race
June 21

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June 27

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July 17 - 21






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