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I am privileged to assume the role of Commodore, Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club, at the celebration of our fortieth year of adventure. Yes adventure is the right word: it means an unusual, exciting possibly dangerous activity, and such as a trip or experience or the excitement by such. It has driven people to the sea for years and continues to this day. Adventure: the very word stirs a feeling of excitement in us. When we step onto a boat and the dock disappears behind us, the entire world changes. The deck rocks, the wind brushes our skin, and our sense of motion is modified and enhanced as pitch, yaw, and roll become the new normal. Even the taste of galley-prepared food is somehow better.
I am honored to be among club members of vastly diverse backgrounds with tales of past endeavors and whispers of bold memories, both pleasant and arduous. As I peer at the shipmates surrounding me, I realize that these friends are true mariners Having taken to the water over many years, the love of the sea is in our blood. Reveling in presentations of the anthologies by those around me, I have been entertained and astounded. Whether it is a trip round the world or a local excursion, there appears to always be something of a story to tell. It is a sailor's right to embellish those stories as we seem fit and embellish, we do. If you have qualms with the voracity of the tale, take the plunge yourself and see what is out there. You may find the embellishment was insufficient!
Each activity we share enhances our adventurous spirits as we seek the exciting and unusual, or simply relax with spirits and talk about them. Yes, truly I am privileged to be on this adventure known as the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club as it celebrates forty years of spirited friendship.
And the Adventure Continues..
Craig Myler
2024 Commodore
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Commodore's Craig Myler
And the Past Commodores of
Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club
Thursday, March 21, 2024
At Carolina Colours
3300 Waterscape Way
New Bern, NC
5:30pm: Cocktail Hour with Cash Bar and Passed Hors d'oeuvres
6:15pm: The Parade of Commodores
6:45-10pm: Dinner and Dancing
Entrée Choices
Baked Salmon with Champagne Dill Sauce with Parmesan Risotta
Honeymoon Chicken with Parmesan Risotto
Beef Filet with Garlic Smashed Potatoes (+$10)
Veggie Risotto
All entrees served with Vegetable Medley,
Mixed Green Salad, Dinner Rolls with Butter,
Iced Tea, Coffee and Water
With Choice of Chocolate Tuxedo Cake or Lemon Layer Cake
Reservation Deadline Monday, March 11, 2024
NOTE: Please take care ordering, "beef" dinner is ordered separately due to price difference.
You MUST still notify Kathy Sansone of your meal reservation if you pay online here.
$65 per person for Salmon, Chicken and Veggie Choices Place Order
$75 per person for Beef Filet Choice Place Order




Dear Prospective Member,

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to one of the best reasons for living here in Fairfield Harbour; the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club!  FHYC was established in 1984 and has, over the last four decades, become an integral part of the boating lifestyle here on the Neuse River and surrounding waterways for hundreds of boating enthusiasts!  We’d like to encourage you to think about becoming one of them as a new member!

Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club is unique in that unlike other clubs, we offer memberships only to those who reside in Fairfield Harbour.  Our on water activities include local and regional cruising opportunities for both power and sail boats, racing for sailors, and raft ups for both power and sail boaters. Our boater education programs, social engagement, and community involvement, all combine to give you a rich and meaningful membership experience and make for a compelling, rewarding use of your recreational time.   

You’ll meet and mingle with some of the most interesting people in our community; some have years of blue water sailing experience, many have cruised the East Coast and intracoastal waterway, others have accomplished the Great Loop, and still others are relatively new to boating or have stayed closer to home.  No matter your experience level, the sort of boat you own, or your boating plans, you’ll make new friends and find something of genuine interest at FHYC!

Compared to other clubs, membership costs are quite low.  We own no buildings and have no paid staff. Annual membership dues cover basic operational costs, and generally, each activity is self funded. Events are planned and managed by members actively serving on one of several committees.  It’s this member engagement that makes the club work!  

I invite you to take a few minutes to look through the enclosed information, and perhaps take a look at our website to get to know a little more about us.  Then, contact one of our membership representatives and learn how you can be a part of something truly special! 

“Join the Adventure”


Dave Phipps


Dave Phipps
2023 Commodore Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club


Over the years, some 37 individuals have served this club as Commodore; all of them have helped to build the strong organization that FHYC is today.  I am honored, privileged, and humbled to be serving as your 38th Commodore, and pledge to continue the tradition of dedicated service to the club and its members.  

Some of you may know that I’m a retired airline pilot.  In my passenger address announcement before departing the gate, I typically made mention of the fact that safety on board was a joint responsibility between crewmembers and passengers, as the passenger has to assume an active role in his or her own safety.  The parallel in this case is that the success of our club is also a joint responsibility between the Bridge, Board, and you, the club member.  

To those of you who have given so much of your time and talent, on behalf of all of us I say “thank you!” To those of you who have aged out of boating but remain members, I say “please stay and enjoy our hospitality and friendship while sharing your knowledge and experience.“  To those of you who may have stayed in the background or on the sidelines, I say “Please step forward”; find a committee that interests you, and become engaged!  With 19 active and engaging committees, there’s something for all interests and activity levels. Don’t be afraid to stick your toes in and test the waters!  The reward for your effort can clearly been seen in the face of your fellow club members as they enjoy the many interesting, entertaining, and educational opportunities that our committees provide!  As the club slogan says, 


Dave Phipps

2023 Commodore

Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club

Welcome to Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club’s website; we’re glad you’ve found your way here!  

We invite you to take a look around and spend a few minutes getting to know a little more about the exciting adventures available to you on the water and ashore as a member of our club!    Fairfield Harbour is a unique community on the mid Atlantic coast, drawing residents from across the country who enjoy the best of coastal North Carolina’s boating lifestyle.  

Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club was established as a non profit organization, has no paid employees, and has operated continuously since its inception in 1984. Our purpose has been, and continues to be, to promote yachting, promote the science of seamanship, encourage social events among members, and promote safety on and preservation of the waterways.  

The club is unique in that it is an active part of the Fairfield Harbour community, adding richly to the experience of living in this on the water haven.  Unlike many other clubs, FHYC does not own a clubhouse or marina, meeting instead at our local community center.  This allows us to keep membership costs to a minimum, with modest annual dues and a pay as you go approach to individual events.  The focus is on having fun, without the worry or expense of maintaining property.  An individual member can choose events which interest them, without minimum monthly charges.  

You’ll find that Fairfield Harbour’s proximity to the Neuse River, Pamlico Sound, and the intra-coastal waterway, and ideal year round weather conditions, make it the perfect gateway for exploring local waters or the entire Eastern seaboard!  Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club offers residents of our boating community the opportunity to join other boaters with similar interests both on the water and ashore. Whether you’re a power boater, sail boater, or both, our activities, programs, races, and cruises, offer something for everyone!  Our membership includes individuals new to boating, and others who’ve spent a lifetime on boats, and still others who are a veterans of blue water passages.  Whether you’re new to the area, or long time coastal residents, you’ll find some of the most friendly and interesting people on the water here at Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club!  We invite you to explore our website, look over the activities and schedules, and become familiar with our membership application process.  

Join the adventure!


Dave Phipps
2023 FHYC Commodore


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